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Healthy homes, are you really sure you have all the bases covered? Healthy homes are what we all want to live in. If you are here, just maybe you have a problem or a question that needs answering. We will look at air purifiers and green cleaners, but first let's look at the problems we face to make a healthy home. Yes, I know you want solutions, and answers. But lets look at some of the questions and facts first.

Can the air you breathe inside your home or office be more hazardous to your health than the outdoor pollution that has created so much concern and regulation in recent decades? The EPA acts to limit the amount of toxins released into the outdoors. But, some pollutants commonly found in homes and offices are carcinogenic, others can aggravate existing problems like asthma and heart disease. Because of substances released in heating and cooking, cleaning agents, building and decorating materials and tobacco use, we are inhaling far more toxic substances than we are likely to encounter outdoors. The problem of indoor pollution has been made worse in recent years by efforts to make homes and offices more energy-efficient. Building techniques aimed at airtight environments reduce heat loss but greatly increase exposure to toxic substances released within the home.

Studies sponsored by the EPA indicate that the highest personal exposures to carcinogenic substances is in the home, and were 5 to 70 times the higher than the out door levels. Healthy homes, air purifiers and green cleaners We are all looking for healthy homes, but how do we get them?

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