I read today’s Home/Garden section of the Grand Rapids Press with particular interest because of the headline, “Breath of Clean Air”. It states, “Indoor air quality captures attention of green movement”. How true that is and how wonderful for my line of work, as I provide solutions to people’s indoor air quality problems! ! A builder, Bruce Hull of Hullmark Homes Inc. was quoted as saying, “Indoor air quality is a bigger thing than most of us realize, unless you are someone with allergies and breathing problems. ”  I have found this to be very true as I have approached individuals with the opportunity to try our air purification products for FREE.

I often hear things like:  The air in our home is fine. We don’t have mold or dust issues. We don’t have pets. We don’t have allergies or asthma. That’s good news, BUT what they don’t realize is that our indoor air is 5 times more polluted than our outdoor air, partly because of the way we make our homes so airtight these days! We ALL need to breathe clean, fresh air.

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